Rothey, Bell & Taub, Inc.
Economics Consultants
Rothey, Bell & Taub provides consulting services on economics issues to private firms, government agencies and individuals.

The largest share of our work involves providing consulting services to law firms and serving as expert witnesses on the evaluation of damages in law suits related to personal injury, wrongful death, employment discrimination, wrongful termination and professional malpractice. We have been retained in hundreds of these cases and our participation has been at the request of both plaintiffs and defendants. Our work for law firms that are involved in litigation also includes statistical analysis in employment discrimination cases, calculation of economic damages in business litigation cases, and statistical studies related to the assessment of damages in anti-trust cases.

Rothey, Bell & Taub also provides services in non-litigation settings. For example, we have conducted econometric and time series forecasts of electricity demand along with demand studies of residential housing, nationally distributed snack foods and energy usage. We served as consultants to a major law firm in the area of public finance. Our firm also acted as a consultant to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio by developing procedures and computer programs for determining the size and allocation of awards in Ohio's Crime Victims Compensation Program.


Edward B. Bell and Allan J. Taub have been the principal economists in Rothey, Bell & Taub for the past twenty five years. Both held full-time positions as economics professors until their recent retirements from university positions.

Education of Ed Bell

  • A.B. in Economics, Miami University
  • M.A. in Economics, Miami University
  • Ph.D. in Economics, The Ohio State University

Education of Allan Taub

  • B.S. in Economics, DePaul University
  • M.A. in Economics, Northwestern University
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University

Dr. Bell and Dr. Taub have published articles in national journals in economics. A sample of the articles includes:

  1. "Adult Consumption Ratios: An Alternative Approach," Journal of Forensic Economics, Winter, 2002
  2. "Some Issues Concerning Risk Adjustments in Damage Calculations ," Litigation Economics Digest, Fall, 1999
  3. "Expected Worklife, Transition Probabilities and the Size of an Award," Journal of Forensic Economics, Spring/Summer, 1998
  4. "An Analysis of Alternative Methods of Calculating Tax-Adjusted Awards," Journal Of Forensic Economics, 1994
  5. "A Portfolio Approach to Funding Lost Earnings," Journal Of Forensic Economics, December, 1988
  6. "Ranking Alternative Taxable Income Streams," (with D. Bodenhorn), National Tax Journal, June, 1983
  7. "Taxes and Compensation for Lost Earnings," (with D. Bodenhorn), The Journal of Legal Studies, January, 1983
  8. "Prediction in the Context of the Variance-Components Model," Journal of Econometrics, (A. Taub), April, 1979
  9. "Determinants of a Firm's Capital Structure," The Review of Economics and Statistics, (A. Taub), November, 1975
  10. "Student Choice of Undergraduate Major Field of Study and Private Internal Rates of Return, Comment" (E. Bell), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 1975

Edward B. Bell, Ph.D.

Allan J. Taub, Ph.D.


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